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Archived 2007 Photos and Stories

Here's where we will post our past photos and older stories.
(When these pictures are posted, and you'd like to have a copy of the picture, simply right-click on the enlargement and "save picture as")

Sunday April 15th, in Apalachicola Monday April 16th, Sailing in Destin April 26:  Let's go to Kentucky!!
Click here to go to our story of Apalachicola Click here to see our sailing adventure Click here for our Kentucky adventure
May 9:  We're in Scotland! May 17:  Visiting the Hawardens May 26:  Our arrival in Holland
Click here for our first day in Scotland Click here for our trip to Edinburgh Click here for our Holland story
 French Lavender (photo only) May 31:  Haarlem & Culemborg June 15 - 21:  England & Wales
Click here for an enlargement Click here for our trips to Culemborg & Haarlem Click here for our trip to Gloucestershire and Wales



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