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Monday April 16th, Sailing in Destin

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Monday, April 16, 2007 

 Today we went sailing!

At the Destin Harbor we boarded the Nathaniel Bowditch, aClick here for an enlargement 43-foot schooner, and met Captain Rex and his daughter and FirClick here for an enlargementst Mate, Jessie.  We sailed past the new hotel being built at the water's edge, the "Emerald Grand", and through the channel into the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico, where Jessie climbed up the mast and spotted a pod of dolphins playing around the jetty.  ThClick here for an enlargementere were 10 of us on board, including John & LeAnn Elliott from Oregon, a familyClick here for an enlargement from Michigan on vacation, and two new deckhands learning the ropes, Rex’s niece and friend.  So we had plenty of room to move around and enjoy the scenery.  Robert and LeAnn even hoisted the sails!  We spent quite a lot of time up on the bowsprit, where eaClick here for an enlargementch wave lifted us 20 feet above the sea, like a roller coaster.  After an hour on the open ocean, we returned to the channel and continued uClick here for an enlargementnder Destin Bridge into the back bay, where we sailed until sunset. Rex entertained us with stories while we watched the terns and pelicans settle in for the evening.  Being out on the open wateClick here for an enlargementr of the Gulf on a beautiful day made for a soothing, memorable evening.


- Jeanie


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