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Welcome to Scotland!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

   As we left Alabama, we left behind our home (the Airstream Travel TraileClick here for an enlargementr) in the driveway of Marianne Lock's home in Anniston.  Joined by Eugene Moss, Jeanie & I headed for the airport in Birmingham and prepared for our departure  for Europe viaClick here for an enlargement the British Isles.  As we waited for the flight to London we enjoyed the thoughts of people and places to come.

Our arrival into London Heathrow was met with challenges of "how do we condenseClick here for an enlargement our 2-bag allowed carry-on into now 1-bag allowed carry-on."  Once we managed the condensation, we were off on BMI Airlines to Glasgow . . . Yeah!  Our arrival in Scotland was blessed by our meeting of a manClick here for an enlargement to become our friend George Brierley, who picked us up at the Glasgow Airport on his way home from work in his Jeep Cherokee (which he has adapted to run on propane for $2 / gallon instead of the normal $8 / gallon gasoline), and he dropped us off at thClick here for an enlargemente home of our host family, Cheryl Moore & her son Cameron, at #10 Newhouse Road, in Kilbirnie.  Our arrival was met with hugs and kisses for two weary travelers.  Click here for an enlargement

After a good night's sleep, we were off for a brief tour of the surrounding countryside by train.  As we traveled the lovely lush countryClick here for an enlargementside, we viewed the picturesque areas from the Scotrail train & the lochs along the way.  God really created a beautiful place in this part of the world.  As we reached the end of the tracks, we returned to the lakeside city of Helensburgh and some good fish and chips, spicy tomato soup and salads, near the Firth of Clyde, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean.    

Finally we returned home for a hot bath and a warm house, and a very good night's sleep.  WE ARE GLAD TO BE IN SCOTLAND!



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